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Starfest (Part 2)

May 9, 2017

Better late than never right!?  Here is part 2 of our Starfest 2017 coverage.  We have some great interviews with Travis Heermann(@travisheermann, who tells us about his book "Death Wind" and gives us the low down on his podcast "The Critiki Party".  Then we continue the Author streak with Peter Meredith, s multi-genre author of twenty-six novels including: The Undead World, a 10 book series, The Trilogy of Void among many others.  Then why don't we follow that up with....another Author.  This time it's Davis Boop in the hot seat and we get all kinds of great tid bits from his rerelease of "She murdered me with science" to his upcoming work on a new predetor series!  Then the tables get turned and we get interviewed by Tammy Sitchler who you can sometimes hear on Bill and Kels Excellent Pod.  Then we talk to Donna with Greyhaven, followed by our good friend Lee Duckworth (no relation to the butler) and talk some cosplay.  Then we end the show talking with a Zombie L.A.R.P. game!  I know that was allot of description.......Sorry.